Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So much art, over so much time.

So, I updated my flickr account with about 25 pictures of art made throughout the last six years of my life. I am going to sell some of the pieces, most of them I think. But I also think I'm going to keep a few of them. Especially Skull. I really love that piece, I am really proud of it. Maybe once I do more oil work I'll be more willing to part with it, but for now I'll keep it. :o)

I can't remember what I properly named that piece. But the piece currently labeled Jesus (both big and small) was originally titled Philip. I am sure that Skull was some boys name, maybe Christopher. Well, either way it is art throughout the years, and art of various quality.

I do hope you enjoy it and have a good night :o)

[Skull is on the right, face is on the left. I really need to rename these guys...]

edited to include a link to my flickr art set!

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